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Our Managed Payroll Service

If you have outgrown your current payroll capability, CET Payroll can establish a reliable, consistent and accurate payroll service. Our aim is to exceed your expectations of a payroll service and to reduce the impact of payroll on your administrators and management, thus saving you time, effort and worry. We have been delivering our payroll service across the UK for over thirty years and have the knowledge and understanding to work with you to achieve a better payroll experience.

We can manage the whole payroll process for your business - weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually. 

You tell us about any permanent changes to your payroll - plus temporary items such as commission or expenses - a few days before the pay run. Most communications are undertaken via e-mail or our secure Portal but we always happy to talk to our clients on the phone!

We process your payroll and double check and reconcile all the changes, providing you with a reconciliation report as well as the standard payroll reports and payslips, keeping your time and effort to a minimum. These will be supplied electronically via the Portal for both you and your employees to access. 

Once you are happy with the payroll run, we create a BACS transaction file and transmit it for payment. Alternatively, we can supply a cheque list for you to make payment.

At the end of the tax period, we notify you of your tax/NI liability for payment to HMRC. And at the end of the year, we provide your employees with their P60 forms on the portal.

Additional Services

BACS Bureau Service

CET Payroll has been a BACS indirect submitter throughout its 30 years of operation, providing a secure and reliable method of transferring the calculated net pay.  Currently via BACSTEL-IP and in the near future, with NPA, we submit over £100m of salary payments through BACS every year.

Auto Enrolment

Our clients started with Auto Enrolment back in 2014, so since then we have been supporting them by handling the Employer Duties for clients.  We support all the major Pension Providers, carrying out assessment, auto enrolling as necessary and generating Membership / Contribution files as required each period, or Assessment files where duties are shared.

P11D Service

Alongside our Payroll software, we also run a P11D system and can produce the P11D forms for employee benefits each July to ensure timely submission and avoid penalties.

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